Lindsey Browne Davis

MYSTERY RANCH Brand Ambassador




Salt Lake City, Utah


Vice President of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, Board member of the Outdoor Alliance & Utah Wildlife Federation, Member of the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation advisory council

Deep down, I’m a Colorado tomboy whose home will always be in the mountain west. I’m fortunate to have grown up exposed to the outdoors and playing sports -- two things I think to raise strong, confident women. As a kid, I was either building tornadoes in a bottle in my garage with science kits, playing home run derby, or fishing for crawdads and tadpoles in the creek with my little sister.

Intrigue with our relationship to the natural world led me to a degree in International Studies, with an emphasis in sustainable development and food systems. I spent my 20’s off-grid working in Tanzania, Ghana, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, and in rural areas of the west helping communities develop resiliency through permaculture. I learned how to farm, build soil, turn human manure into soil nutrients, move water efficiently on a landscape, tend native and culturally relevant plants for wildlife habitat and harvesting, save seeds, raise and butcher animals, and build homes that integrate into the landscape. To me, being ‘hands-on’ is what makes us true members of our ecosystems.

After 12 years in the non-profit sector, I became interested in sustainable business and benefit corporations, and started one of my own WYLDER. We are the first female-founded b-corp in the state of Utah, and connect outdoor women to conservation through products, partners, and storytelling. Running this business has been an incredible test of my resourcefulness and resiliency.

I am a first-generation hunter. In the last five years, I’ve come to connect my perspectives around food systems, wildlife management and habitat to hunting. As someone new to this community, I’ve been able to help communicate the importance of and reverence in hunting via writing, speaking and storytelling to other hunt-curious folks, non-hunting communities, and industry allies to further our collective efforts in conservation.

In my off-time, I’m a backyard gardener, bird dog wrangler, obsessive hobbyist, and citizen scientist. In the summers, I help monitor and install motion-sensored cameras to find species density in the wildlife-urban interface of Salt Lake City, so we can enact sound conservation strategies for wildlife in the region.


  • I once testified in front of Congress on behalf of the Outdoor Recreation Economy in front of the House Small Business Committee to help our representatives understand how much public lands and wildlife matter to us (scary).
  • I have been able to contribute on several occasions to one of my favorite publications, Modern Huntsman.
  • I once rappelled into, pack rafted down, and hiked out of a section of the Grand Canyon (my gnarliest adventure to date).
  • I can tan hides, wrangle and relocate rattlesnakes, and once participated in a city-wide tomato fight in Spain.


What Mystery Ranch Pack do you Run?

  • The Pop-up 28 is my go-to for hunting. I love the Stein 65 for backpacking, and the Mission Duffel and Rover for travel! 

Favorite quote

“If you don’t vote, you basically take someone you don’t agree with -- and double their influence.” - Adam Cramer