Matt Irving

MYSTERY RANCH Brand Ambassador


Moscow, ID, but grew up in Idaho Falls, ID


Currently resides in Salt Lake City.


Right now I’m a professional Instagram caption writer, because I’m straight up killing it in the that department, however some days I’m a professional cinematographer, and other days I’m a professional editor. I also dabble in stills, but don’t do it as much as I’d like to.

90% of what I say is bullshit, and the other 10% can’t be trusted. . . Except when the situation calls for seriousness, but I’ll never clarify, so you’ll just have to figure it out.


This question makes me feel like you asked the wrong person.


Same with this question.

What Mystery Ranch Packs do you Run?

I spent a lot of my time fighting wildland fire using Mystery Ranch backpacks, and I gotta say, when you switch over from using GSA bags, it’s like the Lord Jesus himself coming down and blessing you personally.

Other Sponsors

My parents still sponsor my cellphone bill and my groceries, but only if my grades are good.

Favorite Quote

"Running isn’t about winning or having fun. It’s about looking better than everyone else." - Matthew Irving