Kyle Vassilopoulos

MYSTERY RANCH Outdoor Ambassador


Born in southern CA, grew up in MN, lived in MT, NYC, and now WY.


Lander, WY


Owner and operator of Cowfish restaurant, Lander Brewing Company, Lander Bar & Gannett Grill, and the Scream Shack.

"I am an all around climber, guidebook author, restaurant/bar/brewery owner, and route developer who's been climbing for over 22 years."

Over the years I've traveled the globe in search of adventures and challenges that revolve around climbing. I've helped develop many new crags, having established well over 200 new routes and first ascents in North America. I'm currently based out of Lander, WY, a quiet mecca for American sport climbing, bouldering, alpine climbing, and ice climbing. When not pulling down on rocks or ice, I love fly fishing, surfing, and cooking/eating great foods. When at work I get to surround myself with climbing friends and really enjoy supporting all the local events, businesses, and outdoor-related activities in our community.


  • Meiosis 14c, First Ascent
  • Drifting Upside Down 14c, First Ascent
  • Traveling Menagerie 14b, First Ascent
  • High Ground 14b, First Ascent
  • Big Bad Wolf 14a, First Ascent
  • Boy with the Broken Halo 14a, First Ascent
  • Mitosis 14a, First Ascent
  • War Cry V12, First Ascent
  • Vanilla Gorilla V11, First Ascent
  • House of Flying Daggers M12/13, First Ascent
  • Inglorious Bastards M12, Second Ascent
  • Come and Get It WI 7, M7 R
  • Cryophobia M9+, 400m, Ground up flash ascent


  • As a business owner, I participate in all local business promotion in Lander, WY. I frequently use my businesses as platforms to raise money for local, non profit groups and organizations. Some of these include the Lander International Climbers Festival, Central Wyoming Climbers Alliance, Lander Art Center, Lander Pet Connection, and the Lander Chamber of Commerce.

What Mystery Ranch Packs do you Run?

  • Pitch Series, Everything in Mountains, Kletterwerks City pack

Other Sponsors:

  • Adidas Outdoors, CAMP USA

Favorite Quote:

"You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny." - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Additional Information:

I own and operate the Cowfish restaurant, the Lander Brewing Company, the Lander Bar and Gannett Grill, and the Scream Shack. All of these establishments are on Main Street in Lander, WY and are all social epicenters of the Lander outdoor/climbing community. Most of the employees who work for me are climbers and either in Lander permanently or seasonally to work and climb! All of these food and beverage establishments are great places to meet up after a day in the mountains and also great places to meet like minded outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.