Quick Attach Accessory Straps

SKU: WS19 Quick Attach Accessory Straps
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Lash down your overloads with Autolock Accessory Straps.

Regardless of your hunt objectives, there's always that awkward piece of gear or an unwieldy skull that begs to be lashed to the outside of your pack. We offer a 2-pack of 24" AUTOLOCK ACCESSORY STRAPS so you can securely snug 'em down. Built with top shelf nylon webbing and reliable autolock hardware, these Accessory Straps are destined for frequent, heavy-duty use. Lock and load... load and lock.

  • 24 accessory straps with quick attach hardware
  • Secure a skull to your pack or to strap on other awkward loads
  • Comes in a 2-pack
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WS19 Quick Attach Accessory Straps-Coyote888564151297
WS19 Quick Attach Accessory Straps-Foliage888564151303
DUNS Number:059122783
2.2 oz

Made in the USA

Berry Compliant

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4.8 / 5
Based on 5 Reviews

Strapping Goodness


Bought a pair for the ASAP. They are really nice. I took them apart and put all the hardware (except for 1 bare webbing and 2 of the velcro organizers) on my HPG capture flap instead of using them alone on the bag. The bottom of the flap is still waiting on some clips. LOVE my asap with this hardware coupled with the flap. Thanks Guys.

Awesome 20” Straps


Excellent build, like all of Mystery Ranch offerings. I do have a gripe with these though. These are advertised as 24” straps but in reality they are only 20” because 2” on each end of the strap is “lost” weaved in the buckle.



Easy to use can attach any thing to these. They can strap some serious weight to the outside. Like a Kodiak Brown bear hide! I’ll never roll out without these. At least 4 in the ruck for size adjustments.

The best!


Most know that MR buckles are about as good as it gets, but if you haven’t tried a set, there a must. Robust to say the least. So easy to operate, hold extremely tight and seem to have no weight limit. I’ve lashed down everything with these buckles. I always carry 4 in my pack at all times. Anytime your hauling out a heavy pack, rely on the MR buckles and ditch the paracord! Excellent product.

Excellent strap


These are simply the best compression and accessory straps I've ever used, I've added them to every pack I own