SKU: WS19 Bear Spray Holster
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A well-made, adaptable BEAR SPRAY HOLSTER for quick draw access.

You’re not often the only predator out there. Holster your bear spray so it’s retrievable if the time comes. Stable, secure, adaptable. Volumized to securely fit Counter Assault and UDAP canisters from 7.9 oz- 13.4 oz.

  • Fits Counter Assault and UDAP canisters from 7.9 oz-13.4 oz.
  • Multiple lash-on options
  • 500D CORDURA® fabric
NameUPC Code
WS19 Bear Spray Holster-Black888564178737
WS19 Bear Spray Holster-Coyote888564157077
WS19 Bear Spray Holster-Foliage888564157084
DUNS Number:059122783
2 oz
Counter Assault and UDAP canisters from 7.9 oz – 13.4 oz.

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Keeps Your Bear Spray Secure & Handy


I've used one of these for 2 years now. It is well designed and will keep your bear spray secure but handy for when you need it. It adapts to a variety of pack belts and webbing. Much better than the cheap holsters that come with most spray canisters.

Simple & Durable Holster


This is a great holster for bear spray. Durable, light weight, easy access and installs on web and molle belts. Can also be used to carry 12 water bottle.

Must have holster for serious back country


If you spend more than 2 days a year in bear country, you need this. I love this holster. Design is convenient and well thought out. Couldn’t be any better for its purpose.