Quick Draw Side Arm Holster - Revolver

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A handgun case that integrates with your backpack.

When hunting in big country we're rarely at the top of the food chain, so packing a side arm is prudent insurance. Designed with backpack hunters in mind, it attaches securely to our packs and other hunting accessories in a variety of ways. With a quick release, snap closure, it provides instant access to your pistol. Offered in two sizes: One to fit most semi-auto side arms; the other to fit large caliber revolvers.

  • MOLLE webbing for multiple/secure attachment options including to the MYSTERY RANCH Bino Harness.
  • Side arm holster for backcountry protection
  • Quick-release snap closure allows instant access
  • Foam cushioning to protect pistol
  • Two sizes: Semi Auto and large caliber revolver
  • Hypalon exterior for long-haul durability
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Good Molle Revolver Holster


This is a solid holster. I carry a Taurus Tracker 44 mag and it fits the gun perfectly. It is almost impossible to find a holster for a revolver that attaches via molles. Only 4 stars due to the attachment system and it has to be re-cinched from time to time and is one of the more difficult systems. With that being said, when cinched up it fits snug to the belt and is very secure. Another bonus is that it is designed to attach to the bottom of the MR bino harness.

Solid Holster


It is not easy to find a molle holster for a revolver and this one is a very sold option. It use it to carry a Taurus 44 Tracker and it fits like a glove. The retention strap is very secure but easy to release. I like the option to mount on the MR bino harness. I would probably give it 4.5 stars as the molle attachment straps are a bit of a struggle to secure, but so far seem to work well. You also have the option depending on your carry purpose attach an accessory such as knife or multi-tool to the front of the holster.