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The hunting backpack for the multi-day minimalist.

The new SELWAY 60 was designed to fill the 60 L sweet spot between our Pintler and Metcalf. Built on our Guide Light MT Frame™ utilizing burly yet lightweight fabrications, the SELWAY is engineered for hunters who obsess over minimalism. It’s a pared-down, streamlined load hauler that carries ample gear for multi-day backcountry hunts – hunting gear, sleeping kit, tarp, a few days’ essentials. It incorporates the patented OVERLOAD™ feature with the a newly designed, quick-attach frame capture for easier access to the shelf for packing out your harvest.

  • The new GUIDE LIGHT MT FRAME™ (Mystery Tech) continues the load carriage tradition of the tried- and-true GUIDE LIGHT FRAME™ and its rigid yet dynamic frame system, but with a few discrete changes. Utilizing custom-developed SJ Autolock buckles throughout, this new hardware collection provides the perfect blend of strength and weight. The 500D Light Plus fabric delivers high tensile and tear resistance, key characteristics for a robust, purpose-driven hunting frame.
  • The patented Futura Yoke easily micro adjusts to the torso length allowing the proper amount of stand-off between the back and frame.
  • The five-point waist belt incorporates the highly functional Redirect system and delivers solid weight distribution and eliminates slippage over your hips, regardless of the load.
  • Featuring our classic 3-ZIP design for easy, rapid access to the interior.
  • Bow and rifle carry via compression straps
  • Single lid detail pocket for small items
  • Two, zippered side pockets
  • Quick attach frame cap hardware provides easier Overload Shelf™ conversion
  • Telescoping yoke for custom torso fit
  • 330D Lite plus CORDURA® fabric
  • YKK® zippers
  • Lightweight SJ Autolock buckles
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WS19 Selway 60-Coyote-S888564177792
WS19 Selway 60-Coyote-L888564176832
WS19 Selway 60-Coyote-M888564177341
WS19 Selway 60-Foliage-XL888564178324
WS19 Selway 60-Foliage-S888564177808
WS19 Selway 60-Coyote-XL888564178317
WS19 Selway 60-Foliage-L888564176849
WS19 Selway 60-Foliage-M888564177358
DUNS Number:059122783
5 lbs
3783 cu-in
harnessing style

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Take my money


I only have about 30 miles logged with this pack, but I can assure you that I’m in love. Perfect sized pack for 2-3 day backpacking/hunting. Also perfect for day hunts in the chilly winter months when we pack a tad bit more gear. THIS THING IS SUPER GOOD ON ACCESSIBILITY! The zipper design affords an extremely simplistic way to access the contents of your ENTIRE pack. This means you no longer need to forecast the exact sequence of all items coming in and out of your pack like some type of Jedi. The top loader packs have been good, but they must give way to the future.
Otherwise, the pack is super comfortable and easy to adjust and dial in to your body. I spot & stalk hunt in Arizona and I typically put 4-6 miles miles on this pack at a time. If you’re reading this, you should buy one.

Numero Uno


I'll echo what everyone else has said. This pack is in the sweet spot. Cinches down to almost nothing for a light day trip, and expands enough for a week's worth of gear. My new favorite all season hunting pack

Great pack.


This is a great day pack for the wilderness hunter who may turn a day trip into a couple overnighters. I had this on from sun up to sun down while chasing elk at 10000+. Very comfortable and held enough to comfortably spend the night a few times. Did not get to test the overload shelf on meat, but I have been using it for my climber with great success.

Selway is the PERFECT size.


This might be the best sized hunting pack MR makes. and at sub 5 pounds with overload, I'm not sure why this pack isn't getting more attention? Perfect size for 4-6 days out, lighter weight but still burly as hell materials, no fluff, no bs...hell I even ended up really liking the zippered side pockets after not being so sure about them in the beginning...way better than the open pocket and no chance of losing stuff (the reason I never use the open side pockets anyway!). 5 star pack for sure...this pack is awesome, and you will not be disappointed. If you are in are probably just a light duty cupcake, and that's not MR's fault.

Thumbs up!


This pack is great!! I got it this summer and had it out on its maiden voyage over Labor Day weekend. It packed out a whole antelope with no problems at all. This lightweight pack had awesome zippers and strong fabric. I see no downfalls!